Google Search Console helps with understanding your website’s performance on the search engine. To track a website there, you must first verify domain ownership using the form shown below.


The form asks us to add a TXT record for our URL. You’ll need to update this through your domain management tool. Since I use Namecheap to manage my domains, I’ll add the record there.

Adding TXT record in Namecheap

To access DNS settings, you’ll need to

  • Hover over Account (top navigation bar) and click Dashboard
  • Click manage on the right-hand side of the URL you intend on tracking
  • Click Advanced DNS
  • Click Add a new record
  • As shown in the image below, select TXT Record in the first column for Type
  • Add an @ in the Host column
  • Paste the Google verification code you can copy from the form in Google Search Console into the Value column
  • Leave TTL set to Automatic



Within moments, you can go back to the Google Search Console verification click Verify. The verification should succeed, and you can start tracking your website.